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Podcasting is the emerging on demand audio entertainment medium that is captivating the world. Whilst listening continues to grow there is now a way brands can deliver their advertising message in an uncluttered environment in new and exciting ways, naturally integrated to match the tonality and style of the podcast with the creator.

Podcasting is a 'lean forward' medium that is extremely personal, creating an opportunity for brands that is not available via other media.

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Who is PodcastOne?

PodcastOne is Australia's premium podcast network where you'll find great stories told by a compelling and growing group of Australians. Some you will already know or get to know and love. Some are new and emerging creators with great stories to tell and entertain you.

PodcastOne Australia is a locally curated and created network for Australians and is an extension of PodcastOne in the US, one of the world's largest advertiser-supported, on-demand digital audio networks, with a 360-degree solution, including content creation, brand integration and distribution. PodcastOne US has more than 1.5 billion downloads annually, across 350 episodes produced weekly.

In addition to new Australian podcasts, you'll also find some of the biggest names and shows from the PodcastOnes US network.

All podcasts are free to listen to and available wherever you are, on the PodcastOne app and website.

Podcast Fast Facts

Podcast advertising is an effective way for brands to reach consumers. In the latest 2017 Edison Infinite Dial Australia, research showed:
  • 17% of Australians over the age of 12 listen to a podcast every month, that's approximately 3.4 million people.
  • 62% of Australians listen to podcasts on their smartphone / tablet / portable device with 36% choosing to listen on their desktop

Out of those Australians who have listened to a podcast in the last week, 65% have listened to three or more, with the average being 6 podcasts per week.
  • 41 million hours of podcast content are already consumed by Australians every month (Source: THE INFINITE DIAL, 2017,ABS Stats, SCA Research 2016)
  • Currently more males consume podcasts (63%) than females (37%)

PodcastOne episodes are listened to soon after they are downloaded, meaning podcast advertiser messaging is relevant and timely for podcast listeners.

Ad measurement and insertion

PodcastOne uses some of the most advanced ad serving technology available to provide brands flexibility and powerful reporting. Ads are served through AdsWizz, allowing for podcast specific targeting, geo-targeting and time sensitive campaigns. Once a campaign is completed, reporting is provided on the number of podcast downloads and ad completion rate.

For more information on how you can create an advertising campaign on the PodcastOne network send us an email and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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